The Culturosity® Concept is committed to helping individuals find the resources, experiences, and opportunities that will open their minds and broaden their perspectives. We help people understand global realities and empower them to live and work effectively in a multicultural world. ˛

The Culturosity® concept grew out of the recognition of the need for intercultural awareness in mainstream society and the power of pop culture as a communication channel. We realize it's hard to compete with music, movies, books and leisure activities when it comes to people's attention and free time. Yet we know it's essential that more people start learning about other cultures and developing the skills to work in a multicultural environment.

Instead of viewing pop culture as a hurdle, we see it as a unique opportunity to combine messages and mediums. We show people how to grow their knowledge and understanding of other cultures through pop culture outlets. Learning from the comfort of the activities they know and like, people enjoy and accept intercultural development as a foundation for more in-depth growth. Objectives:

  1. Make global awareness an important part of pop culture and daily life

  2. Direct people to pop culture outlets that will support their growth and development as global citizens

  3. Provide services and information to help prepare people to live and work in global environments

The Culturosity® approach supports a lifestyle where people can grow at a self-paced rate and develop an ongoing interest in other cultures through familiar and enjoyable channels. We believe a genuine interest and curiosity toward other cultures is essential for bridging cultures and interacting effectively with a variety of individuals. Our goal is to help people develop this initial interest as a first step toward a lifetime of intercultural growth and global citizenship.

The 3 Steps to Leading a Culturious Lifestyle:

Seek out opportunities to learn about other cultures,
Grow from these experiences, and
Become increasingly effective in intercultural situations.

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