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What's Pop Culturosity®?

Pop Culturosity® is about adding a little cultural kick to the things we already enjoy doing so we have the opportunity in our everyday lives to think about and experience other cultures. We take pop culture products, from art, movies, music, and books, and favorite pastimes, like cooking, travel and playing sports, and show people how to grow their global awareness in their free time.

If it's movies you love, we'll help you explore the world of foreign and independent movies. If it's food that you really enjoy, we'll help you find the supermarkets and restaurants in your neighborhood specializing in international or regional foods. If it's books you enjoy, we'll immerse you in other fascinating cultures from the comfort of your armchair. If music is your thing, we'll show you the roots of your favorite music and get you in touch with world beats that will really get you going.

Pop Culturosity® is not meant to be a substitute to in-depth learning about other cultures. Instead, it is a way to round out your cultural learning and awareness and generate an increased interest in other cultures. Pop Culturosity® plants seeds of cultural interest in our everyday lives that can stimulate an interest in a more in-depth and well-rounded understanding of other cultures.

Being able to roll sushi with the best of the sushi chefs may not make you any more skilled at doing business with the Japanese. But it is a connection and a starting point. And if you've given it a try, you'll probably agree that it gives you a greater appreciation for Japanese discipline and skill mastery.

Being able to bridge cultural differences, whether at work, in your personal life, or interacting with others in society, is one of the most important skills individuals can have these days. Cultural differences, whether personal, national or organization, influence every interaction between two individuals. Bridging differences and creating synergy across cultures is an essential skill in business, education, leisure and life.

Pop Culturosity® Guides

Pop Culturosity® Guides are compilations of short articles, ideas, and tip sheets that explain how to turn regular activities into intercultural learning opportunities. See our current Culturosity® Guides.

Pop Watch

Pop Watch is a list of organizations, websites, media programs, or companies that are making a difference in society and helping in our mission to make global awareness mainstream. See this month's Pop Watch.   

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