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Guide to US History and Culture. An interview with Tourism Leader Maricar Donato on the rewards of being a guide in the nation's capital and the perceptions that visitors have of the US. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


Honoring Tradition in Mexico. Jim Kane takes us to Oaxaca and finds meaning in Día de los Muertos. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


Land of Myths & Faith - Discovering Guatemala's Richness Through its People. Connecting with the people of Antigua, Jim Kane explores the power of faith and traditions during Semana Santa. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


Hiroshima: An American in Japan. Hiroshima is a city you feel you need to go to when in Japan. The lessons to be told are undoubtedly difficult, but necessary for many people to hear, especially Americans. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


Making a Positive Impact. With his tales from Peru and Laos, Jim Kane shows us how to travel in a way that builds connections and creates a positive impact for both visitors and hosts.  HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version


Tenejapa Homecoming. Guest writer Jim Kane shares an insightful tale of his experience returning to the small community of Tenejapa in Mexico. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version


Going Deep in Poland. Make a Connection With the Local People, recommends Jim Kane. Jim talks about his recent travels to Poland to show Culturosity readers how to go "deep" in their travels. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


Stretching the Comfort Zone in India. Native New Yorker David Juman shares his experience adapting to life in India. Looking at how time and self-reliance are construed in India, David explores the challenges of moving to a new culture and explains how he learned to stretch his "comfort zone" to appreciate the Indian approach to life. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version   


Living Festivals Abroad. Get in the Local Spirit, recommends Jim Kane, as he talks about his experience with Carnival in Brazil. Jim provides tips on experiencing festivals to their fullest in this article. HTML version / Acrobat icon PDF version 


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