Sample Media Coverage

Radio and Television

bullet VoiceAmerica Business July 2010. As part of the Leadership Development News, Dr. Relly Nadler and Dr. Cathy Greenberg interviewed Kate about the cultural differences that matter most in business. Listen to the show  online or download the full hour long program and interview.
bullet CNN, Business Traveler July 2005. CNN interviewed Kate about the importance of gift-giving and hospitality across cultures. Focusing on Japan, Kate discussed the concept of face and the intricate rituals behind gift-giving.  Read an excerpt from the interview.
bullet Women's Business Network. "The Adriane Berg Show on Business Talk Radio" December 2004. Kate was featured on the Women's Business Network, where she and host Adriane Berg discussed the intricacies of cross-cultural communication and the importance of intercultural training for businesses today. Listen to the interview online (.mp3 or .wma)

Printed Media: Newspapers, Magazines, Books

bullet Slovenia Times. "A Village with Variations." July 02, 2010. This article highlights what international business travelers should be mindful of to successfully cross cultures. 
bullet Gulf News. "Camera! Connect." March 28, 2006. We all travel and take photographs of each other, and a landmark or two, on foreign lands. But how many of us bother with cultural photography? Kate tells us how to take pictures on holidays that will help us connect more deeply to different cultures.
bullet Gulf News. "Sharpen Your People Skills" February 23, 2006. Kate looks at commonalities in diversity and suggests ways by which those commonalities can be put to better use by all.
bullet Gulf News. "Enriching Experiences" February 16, 2006. In a two-part series, Kate highlights the lessons to be learnt in a multicultural environment, as well as of using them as stepping stones to better productivity and harmony.
bullet Gulf News. "Be a Gifted Interculturalist" February 16, 2006. In an multicultural environment, one of the biggest pitfalls is the simple art of gift-giving. Kate Berardo talks of how she learnt the rules the hard way!
bullet Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work. July 2005. Author Jacqueline Whitmore interviews Kate Berardo on the appropriate international gift-giving practices. St. Martin's Press: ISBN: 0312338090.
bullet International Education Report. July 2005. "Cultural Competency Through Pure Pop." A review of the Culturosity Concept and it's potential to develop world citizens with global awareness.
bullet Destination Abroad. "The Growth of the Globally Hip" March, 2005. Kate describes a new generation of globally conscious citizens and what it means to lead a global lifestyle in today's day and age. 
bullet Destination Abroad. "Katetiquette: Ten Strategies for Success Abroad" December, 2004. In global business, impression counts. In this article, Kate gives strategies for making a positive mark when abroad.
bullet Destination Abroad. "Katetiquette: Putting Your Best Foot Forward" August, 2004. This magazine for Indians who want to travel, work, or live abroad feature's Kate's article on how to dress for interviews in the US. 
bullet Crain's Chicago Business. May 2004. "Tired of the Business Lunch Rut?" December 2003. Doing business over drinks is common has been common practice in other countries for a long time. With its growing popularity in the US, Kate provides tips on conducting business over drinks.
bullet BMCC Career News. December 2003. "What Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Be Successful." A career newsletter for The City University of New York.


bullet The Young Interculturalist: Trend Setters. January 2005. "An Unofficial History Recounted:
Remembering Our Roots and Re-Planting the Seeds of a Vision"
bullet Human Capital eNewsletter "Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays" October/November 2004. Vol. 1, Issue 5, T. Williams Consulting LLC. Kate Berardo and Simma Lieberman explain what it means to really value diversity during the holidays: it's about a whole lot than PC greeting cards.
bullet The Young Interculturalist: Trend Setters. September 2004. "Time to Go Public: Interculturalists' Role in Mainstream Global Awareness"
bullet Angels Corner: Equity Capital Resource. "What Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Be Successful."  
bullet Kwintessential Language & Culture Specialists are currently featuring Kate's "Ten Strategies for Success Abroad" article. 
bullet Executive Planet. "US Business Culture." Kate serves as the Guide to Doing Business with the USA for this Business Resource Site. Contains articles about working with people from the US.
bullet "Interview Bias: Overcoming the Silent Forces Working Against You."  Kate functions as a career expert with colleague Simma Lieberman. Article features tips on overcoming interview bias in job hunting.


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