Pop Culturosity Watch

Each month, we highlight the initiatives of some organization, website, media program, or company that is making a difference in society and helping in our mission to make global awareness mainstream.

August 2016
 The Glossary of Happiness  This article from the New Yorker highlights hard to translate concepts related to happiness from cultures across the globe. Expand your definition of happiness (and global understanding) with this article.

July 2016
 Atlas of Emotions  Understanding your own and others emotions is a critical part of working effectively across cultures and difference. Ekmans' work on mapping emotions offers a provocative, illuminating, and educational glimpse into the world of our emotions.

June 2016
 Smart Earpiece Language Translator  Waverly Labs is piloting a new technology that is an earpiece that automatically translates languages. It's like an interpreter in your ear. Put in your earbud, hand over another to the other individual, and begin exchanging.

May 2016
 Negotiation Styles Around the World  It's highly simplified and generalized, but an interesting visual look at how communication styles may vary across cultures. View its contents lightly versus prescriptively, but it can be an interesting thought starter to differences in communication style.

April 2016
 Understanding Transition Stress  Learn about the 5Rs of Culture Change and how to best prepare for intercultural (and other) transitions.

March 2016
 InspirED  Emotional intelligence is at the heart of being successful interacting across cultures, and that's what InspirED is all about. This site, which was created in a partnership between Yale and Facebook, offers a suite of exercises, tools, and good thinking to help students and people develop their emotional intelligence.

February 2016
 Great Leaders Can Think Like Each Member of Their Team  Ever heard of a multivocal leader? This article highlights how leaders who are successful across cultures develop the ability to think and communicate like different members of their team.

January 2016
 Cultural Differences Are More Complicated than What Country You’re From  A great article that encourages people to take a more nuanced look at understanding cultural differences.

December 2015
 Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da  An in-depth look at how negotiation varies across cultures.

November 2015
 Not-so-happy Returns  A revealing article that looks at the challenges of returning from expatriate assignments and the need for more companies to better support their executives during these transitions.

October 2015
 How to Speak So Others Want to Listen.   A great summary of toxic types of communication that break down understanding, as well as tips to make yourself better understood and listened to.

September 2015
 Polycultural Psychology  This solid article highlights the need to move from stereotypical generalizations about cultural differences to a much more rich and complex understanding of cultures. It argues that we need to change the way we think about culture from being the software of the mind to realizing we have multiple 'apps' running simultaneously that influence us.

August 2015
 40 Maps that Explain the World  This article, for the visually oriented, depicts the world via forty fascinating maps. It looks at everything from most racially tolerant and most diverse to where people most feel loved.

July 2015
 Culture at Work  This video highlights the importance of intercultural skills in the workplace. It's based on the findings from a study conducted by the British Council, Booz Allen Hamilton and Ipsos Public Affairs, of HR managers at 367 large employers in nine countries.

June 2015
 Flags via Food  Slightly irreverent, certainly entertaining, these creatives help people remember both the flags and the cuisine of several countries. A fun way to learn.

May 2015
 Racism is Real  This powerful three minute video highlights the various ways in which black people face bias in the US. These statistics cannot be ignored.

April 2015
 17 Things that Change Forever when you Live Abroad  A great blog piece on the positive and sometimes challenging implications of living abroad. A great read both for those who know this reality and for others seeking to better stand the life of others.

March 2015
 When Crossing Cultures, Use Global Dexterity  Knowing about cultural differences is one thing, but translating this into effective action is a whole other. Enter global dexterity: the ability to effectively navigate in different cultural contexts. This great article by HBR brings to life the challenges and applications of global dexterity. A good read.

February 2015
 Where Some See Barriers, We See Bridges  HSBC coins itself as the world's local bank. And if you'd done much global travel, you'll be familiar with their jetway ads which highlight different perspectives held across cultures. Here HSBC highlights some of the challenges they know exist working across cultures, and how to bridge them.

January 2015
 For More Tolerance we Need More Tourism  A short and powerful Ted Talk focusing on how travel (the kind focused on connecting, not documenting being at different sights) can be a powerful tool in breaking down hate and misunderstanding.

December 2014
 The 6 Competencies Global Leaders Need to Succeed  A solid study looking at the behaviors of top executives who succeed leading at a global level.

November 2014
 World's Top Languages on the Internet A quick look at the most commonly spoken languages around the globe and a good reminder on the power of speaking other languages.

October 2014
 35 Tips on How Not to Offend Your International Business Partners A fun and informative Infographic that provides a handy guide to going global.

September 2014
 Which country does the most good for the world? Simon Anholt's funny and poignant Ted Talk highlights which countries do the most good in this world. His country index is better than the happiest nation index and one we should pay attention to. What's your guess as to which countries top the list?

August 2014
 Not All Passports are Created Equal Ever notice who is being stopped at immigration and who seems to glide through without question? Travel is a luxury, and hassle-free travel is a luxury in a league of its own. This infographic paints an interesting picture of which passports carry the most clout at immigration. Notice any patterns?

July 2014
 Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker? This HBR Blog articles highlights the difference between specific and diffuse thinkers, how this varies across cultures, and how this difference can surface in business interactions.

June 2014
 Rice Theory: Why Eastern Cultures Are More Cooperative This article from NPR highlights how one of the most fundamental cultural differences can be tied back to wheat versus rice producing cultures.

May 2014
 How to Say 'This is Crap' in Different Cultures is a great blog post by Erin Meyer of HBR. As the title suggests, she looks at differences in how feedback is given across cultures, and offers clarity around how to interpret different feedback styles you might encounter. Both the post itself and the 300+ comments that follow offer all kinds of gems of insight for working across culture.

April 2014
 Communication Styles Around the World The Singaporean edition of Business Insider has recently featured this work by Richard Lewis, which illustrates different communication and negotiation tendencies across the globe.

March 2014
 Ten Tips for Raising Global Kids There's no better gift in my mind than to help a child foster a global mindset. Even more than in today's world, success in tomorrow's world will depend on it.

February 2014
 The Same But Different This article clearly maps the patterns of work cultures and how they are influenced by the national cultures we grow up in. It offers a great visual look at key differences across cultures.

January 2014
 The Power of Empathy Empathy is a key skills in life, and certainly in working across differences. In this RSA short, Dr Brené Brown speaks about the power of true empathy and how it is fundamentally different from sympathy.

December 2013
 Listening to Global Voices Ethan Zuckerman makes a powerful argument that while technology gives us to the means to connect with different people and perspectives across the globe, we tend to go online and reinforce our views with news sources and other media that reinforces what we already think. I came across this Ted Talk a few years ago and its fundamentally changed how I engage online. Check it out.

November 2013
Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different?  This Ted Talk by Derek Sivers highlights just how relative 'normal' really is. He highlights small but significant differences across cultures to show that even the most basic assumptions we hold as truth may be relative.

October 2013
Intercultural Development Research Institute.  The IDR Institute is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to a constructivist definition of the field of intercultural communication and to support continuing and new research in intercultural development.

September 2013
40 Maps that Explain the World.  As visual creatures, nothing brings to life global trends better than these maps. Maps include where people are most welcoming, where people are most expressive of emotions, and many many more.

August 2013
Duolingo  provides free language learning on the web. It's a win win equation. While you learn a language, you also help translate webpages. Make the web more global as you become globally talented.

July 2013
Culture Matters Podcast on International Business  interviews real people with real stories. Listen and learn from the broad international experience and cultural insights of this podcast's guests.

June 2013
The Forum of Young Global Leaders  is a unique, multistakeholder community of more than 700 exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future. Learn what these global leaders are working on and get involved.

May 2013
Around the World: TIME for Kids   Growing a global mind starts early--and easily thanks to this website. Kids can learn in a creative and interesting way about other cultures. They can explore the daily life and schedule of kids around the globe and learn native lingo. Got kids? Then get them global.

April 2013
Delta Intercultural Academy   acts as a global knowledge and learning community on culture, communication and management in international business. Filled with a robust set of articles, reviews, and other content related to intercultural learning.

March 2013
CCI Greenheart   promotes cultural understanding and global skill building through exchange, travel, and work programs. They enable 10,000 people to move abroad each year. Take a minute to learn more about this organization.

February 2013
Global Oneness Project   is a digital, ad-free, bi-monthly magazine. They have a collection of films, photography, and essays that feature diverse and dynamic voices from around the world.

January 2013
The Immigrant Advantage is a great new read by award-winning journalist Claudia Kolker. The book explores little-known traditional wisdom, and looks at how in this nation of immigrants our lives can be enriched by the gifts of our newest arrivals.

December 2012   Moving Around Without Losing Your Roots is a great article from INSEAD professor Gianpiero Petriglieri about the wonderful complexity of being a global nomad. For anyone who has spent time living in other countries, this article is for you.

November 2012
  Verbling enables you to instantly practice languages with native speakers. Simply put, it removes many of the barriers to learning a foreign language: time, cost, and availability. Create an account online and start your global learning by speaking to someone in another language.

October 2012
  LaughLab was a year long project that aimed to discover the world’s funniest joke. The project was set-up in collaboration with The British Science Association and provides great insight into how humor translates across culture, or doesn't. 

September 2012
  Why America Lacks Global Leaders  is the latest thought-provoking article from Harvard Business Review on Global Leadership. It looks at the role cultural empathy plays in being a global leader--and the general scarcity of this trait in the US as compared to some other nations.  HBR's blog on leadership is a goldmine of insight on global leadership. While you are here, check out the following additional articles: "The Changing Role of Global Leaders," "A New Era for Global Leadership Development," and "What do Good Global Leaders Do."

August 2012
  Benentech  uses technology innovation and business expertise to solve unmet social needs and empower people to improve their lives. Day by day, they're helping to build a better world.  

July 2012

 Upwardly Global helps skilled immigrants find the jobs they are qualified for. Skilled engineers, doctors, scientists, accountants, and other professionals too often come to the US and end up as cashiers, nannies, and cab drivers. Upwardly Global helps change this.  


June 2012
 The Pew Global Attitudes Project explores global public opinion trends in 56 different countries. A great way to learn about what is happening in the world and understand current trends in different places.  


May 2012
What Monkeys Teach Us about the Assumptions we Make. Creativity guru Michael Michalko talks about  how assumptions limit us. This is all the more true when solving challenging intercultural dilemmas. Check out his site and read up to learn how to use creativity to be more effective when working across cultures.  


April 2012
 World Cultures and Customs is a free app from Hooked in Motion that includes  cultural information on over 165 different countries.  This easy-to-use iPhone app  covers  greetings, eye contact norms,  gender issues, taboos, gestures and other handy topics for just-in-time tips on appropriate etiquette and protocol around the globe.  


March 2012
 Bridging Cultures is the latest in the Cultural Detective series of tools to build cultural competence. It focuses on taking cultural awareness and savvy to the next level by looking at how to develop effective bridging strategies for working across cultures.   


February 2012

 AudioName takes the guesswork out of  pronouncing someone's name. This clever feature allows you to record a short audio clip that you can attach to your email signature, put on your website, or link to a social network so others can hear how to pronounce your name. No more of those awkward  situations that start, "Hello, Mr. Tena---er, Tanaguchi?" 


January 2012

 InterNations is a community for people living and working abroad and all "global minds." It brings together 180 different nationalities and aims to provide articles, forums, events, and other  resources and support for expatriates


December 2011

  Embrace Global It's the giving season, and what better gift to give than the possibility of life. Over 20 million low-birth-rate and premature babies are born each year, with 450 of these dying each hour. Embrace Global's has developed a clever low-cost baby warmer (think of it as a mini-sleeping bag) to address this. Just $50 can help nine babies stay warm and alive. 


November 2011

  One World Youth Project links universities and schools around the world to build mutual respect and understanding and provide the global life skills needed to be successful in our interconnected 21st century. It is an  incredibly well thought-out concept and curriculum, and a beautiful example of social entrepreneurship at its best.


October 2011

  Global Cities of the Future is an interactive map from McKinsey & Company that shows predicted GDPs and populations for 600 cities across the globe in 2025. It's a fascinating look at where future growth will occur and the implications this has for our global world.


September 2011

How Big Really? is a BBC site that takes important places, events, and things and overlays them onto maps so you can gain perspective of the impact of various situations and phenomena. See, for example, the area affected by the 2010 Pakistan floods overlayed onto your home country. This site literally takes global events and makes them local and relevant to you.


August 2011

One Size Leadership Does Not Fit All is an interesting article on leadership by Gene Crozier from the Financial Times. It highlights what effective leadership looks like in the Middle East and how this differs from traditional views of leadership in other parts of the world.


July 2011

  Expat Blog is, as the title suggests, a resource by expats and for expats. It contains guides, links to blogs,  community discussions, and classifieds that help to link up expatriates around the globe. 


June 2011

 What Business Really Thinks of the MBA   highlights the importance for leaders today and in the future to  have a global perspective and to develop as leaders. This article from  Poets and Quants also offers a look at eight essential business needs for the future.


May 2011

 The OECD Social Indicators  report  provides research on everything from  family characteristics, levels of trust and social cohesion, to working hours and household chores across cultures. Check out the summary research or explore in depth a culture of interest to you. The research is  a  great way to look at up-to-date trends within various cultures around the globe.


April 2011

The Overview of Cultural Differences    is a great visual map of the key differences that matter across cultures, from the makers of the Cultural Detective series.  Do you sense a cultural difference may be a the root of a challenge you are facing at work?  Use this map to help you diagnose and devise a strategy to move forward.


March 2011

  Why Mumbai at 1 pm is the Center of the World is a great article by the Harvard Business Review that analyzes the nature of working in a global world. It  tracks the best times, days of the week, and locations to schedule your international meetings.  


February 2011

  Absolutely Intercultural is a podcast focused on the intercultural aspects of human communication. Every second Friday, it releases a new podcast featuring various intercultural interviews, resources and tidbits of interesting information. Check out the link above or subscribe to the podcast using iTunes.


January 2011

  Fasten Seatbelts  is a lighthearted guide to avoiding misunderstandings while traveling.  Funded by the European Commission, this site provides short clips in nine languages about everything from table manners to body language in Europe and Asia. This site is both entertaining and informative, so check it out.


December 2010

 The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication  is the premier professional development program for people working in education, training, business, and consulting who deal with cultural issues, whether domestic or international. It's 34th annual institute, which will be held from July 13-29th of 2011, presents a unique opportunity to explore the field and network with others. Whether you are seasoned or a newcomer to intercultural issues, there really is no better place to learn about the field and its people than at the Summer Institute.

November 2010

 Cultural Detective®  is a dynamic series of tools that develop invaluable intercultural and global business competence in individuals and organizations.  Browse the site and check out its rich set of resources and information.

October 2010

 INSEAD's Research: The Link Between Creativity and Living Abroad. If you had any doubt about the value of living abroad, this latest research by INSEAD will take that away. This compelling research shows how time spent abroad is correlated with increased levels of creative problem-solving, a highly coveted skill in today's workplace.

September 2010

 Travelpod Quizzes are a great way to take a short brain break and engage your global mind. Take one of  Travelpod's many interactive quizzes, where you will have to do things like click on a geographic location around the globe as fast as you can. This is both addicting and educational. You will walk away refreshed on the flags, capital, and key landmarks of countries around the globe.

August 2010

 World Citizen Guide  began as a little book designed to help students studying overseas and has now grown into a  family of guides designed to assist all Americans who travel abroad. From the Business For Diplomatic Action, this collection of helpful tips and information is aimed to impove both your travel experience and others'  perceptions of US Americans.

July 2010

 Portals to the World is a resource from the Library of Congress that provides authoritative, in-depth information about various nations and areas of the world. Selections are hand-picked by Area Specialists, so they do the vetting for you and you can go straight to valuable resources online.

June 2010

 Information is Beautiful is a website full of visual representations of interesting facts. It will change the way you think about data and fill you in on trends happening at a global level. One of the latest additions is a map of the world that focuses on what different nations are the number one producers of. Sometimes, like in the case of Ecuador, it's a commodity like bananas. The US? Well, we  produce the most serial killers. Browse the link to learn more.

May 2010

 The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy is one of the world’s leading conferences in the fields of international relations and cultural studies. It will bring together an interdisciplinary audience at the end of May in Berlin for what promises to be a rich dialogue on cultural matters. Check it out.

April 2010

 TED Talks describes itself as offering "riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world" and this might just be an understatement. With free under-20 minute talks on a variety of topics (global issues included), this is one site you should bookmark and come back to often for a weekly fill of great insight and knowledge to grow your global mind.

March  2010

The Intercultural Communication Institute is the premier professional development organization for individuals building international careers. Check out their Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and their Masters in Intercultural Relations.


February  2010

 Kwintessential offers a variety of free tools and resources for intercultural learning. Download their "Culture Vulture" tool, watch videos related to culture, read one of its many articles, or check out some of their etiquette guides. Kwintessential's information is robust, detailed, and best of all, free.

January  2010

Managing Cultural Differences is a robust free resource that introduces cultural differences and their impact in business. Take a few minutes to read up on effective global leadership, negotiating across cultures, or one of several other global topics.

November  2009

 Thunderbird School of Global Management explores what it means to be a  "superstar expat." Learn from global management leaders what are the three main components of a global mindset and how you can develop these to succeed in international roles.

October  2009

 Executive Planet provides free information about doing business in nearly 50 different cultures. Topics include everything from how to entertain to how to effectively negotiate and to how to dress for success.

September  2009

 Soliya uses new technologies to facilitate dialogue and bridge the divide between Western and predominately Muslim societies. This pioneering non-profit works to build an intercultural generation with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to address one of our most pressing global issues.

August  2009

Take Part is a new site designed to help you explore a number of global issues—from clean water to war. With Take Part's comprehensive and concise summaries, you can become an informed global citizen and learn how you can make a difference. 

July  2009

World Hum  With the philosophy that travel is a state of mind, World Hum brings together a collection of stories, photos, blogs, videos, and conversations that will inspire you  to travel and to grown and gain  perspective through that travel.  

June  2009

  Where the Hell is Matt?  Take one guy, his dancing skills (or lack thereof), and a ticket around the world and what do you get? A collective dance portrait around the world. Matt's videos, journal entries and the global travels they document became so famous he was sponsored by Stride gum and got to take a 2nd trip around the world. Don't miss his latest video.

May  2009

You Tube Symphony  The YouTube Symphony Orchestra was an exciting project to create the world’s first collaborative orchestra by using the Internet's possibilities and the power of music as a shared global language. It brought people together from all over the world to collaborate in a creative new way with a truly innovative output. Check this out...

April  2009

World Heritage Cultural Center seeks to promote cultural awareness through the exploration of various cultural arts and traditions, from dance, to music, acting, writing and  food. Check out this informative and interesting website and consider attending their upcoming June "World of Colors" event.

March  2009

VerveEarth Want to stay globally aware? Then check out Google's new VerveEarth, which brings bloggers  together from around the world. Search by topic or simply click on the map to see what people from around the globe are blogging about.

February  2009

 Newseum helps keep you informed of what's happening around the world. Click on the interactive map to see today's headlines from hundreds of newspapers around the globe. Newseum takes the leg-work out of staying globally aware!  

January 2009

Globally Hip is a new site dedicated to building bridges across cultures. Cholk-full of mind growing activities, from blogs, to podcasts, to culture quizzes, this is a worthy website to check-out and join.


December 2008

Culture Crossing provides free and up-to-date information on cross-cultural etiquette and understanding. With information on 200+ countries, a forum for asking cultural questions, and access to a variety of global resources, this site is definitely worth checking out. While you're there, consider exploring your cultural baggage or taking the Cultural IQ quiz--great ways to learn what you don't know about yourself when it comes to culture.


November 2008

Glimpse does just that: provide a look into the lives of people abroad. Featuring first person, cultural-experience pieces written by study abroad students, volunteers, international students and others living abroad, this site's mantra is: "It's Your World. Get Acquainted." Good idea. Read wonderful tales from abroad or contribute your own on this site.


October 2008

United States of Mind is an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal that highlights regional differences in personality traits such as extraversion, agreeableness and openness in the US. While often people focus on national cultural differences, regional differences can play an important role in intercultural interactions.


September 2008

InterNations is an international network for expatriates and global minds. Connect with people who live abroad, find reliable information about international living, and exchange ideas with other global minds on this network.


August 2008

Global Gateway: Global Etiquette Monster.com has a growing base of International Job Information and articles on culture to match. Check-out the sections on Global Etiquette, Making the Move, Quizzes and Regional Info for well-written info on cultural considerations in international job searches and moves.


July 2008

Cultural Awareness Tests from Kwintessential will test your cultural savvy. With over 20 different quizzes to choose from, from business card etiquette to intercultural negotiation, measure your know-how around international business and identify areas for development.


June 2008

MicroPlace enables the average person to make investments in microfinance to help the poor pull themselves out of poverty. Visit MicroPlace to learn more about the power of microfinance and how you can make social investments that have financial return and social impact.


May 2008

globalEDGE is a knowledge web portal organized by the International Business Center at Michigan State University. It contains more than 5,000 online resources and a vast amount of information, tools, and links that are of interest.


April 2008

The Sweet Life  From world traveler Bill Winunu, who has an avid eye for how culture shapes our lives, comes two great books, The Sweet Life and Life Could be Sweeter. Through short vignettes and powerful stories from other cultures, learn how to make your life richer, healthier, and more satisfying. Get a glimpse of the nuggets of insight you'll gain from the book at this website.

March  2008

Intrepid Travel  is one of the world's leading operators of small group adventures with a variety of experiences to choose from, from homestays to market trips to visits to community projects. With their small group focus, you never have to worry about being in a tourist herd and get to really interact with the culture you visit.


February 2008
 How to tell if you're...  Some people question whether there is such a thing as American culture with all our diversity. If you're one of these people, or if you simply want a quick reminder of what makes you American, check out, How to tell if you're American from Zompist.com.  Read the description of iconoclastic elements of American culture and then you can compare this to other How to tell if you're... versions. Some 35 different versions are listed, from Austria to Quebec. 

January 2008

WikiTravel. With 17,320 destination guides written by avid globetrotters, this travel information site promises up-to-date content and off-the-beaten path tips to enable deep and meaningful travel experiences.


December 2007

2008 Multicultural Calendar. With technology today, there's no excuse not to be aware of the holidays and celebrations of your colleagues around the world. The 2008 Multicultural Calendar makes international meeting planning easy. Incorporate their electronic calendar into your organization's intranet, MS Outlook or Palm software.


November 2007

ExpatExchange Weekly Quiz. Test your cultural IQ with EE's weekly quiz. ExpatExchange helps expatriates find relocation service providers and research what it would mean to relocate your life to a new country and culture. If you're considering an international move, check them out today. 


October 2007

Study the World. There is study abroad, and then there is study abroad. Check out this great new program from Intrax that focuses on combining adventure travel with intercultural competence. This organization has figured out what study abroad is all about. Goodbye enclaves of American students. Hello global skills.


September 2007

Don't Let the World Pass You By! With the motto, 'Do Something for Your Country: Leave,' Lonely Planet has deemed September Passport Month and is launching a campaign to make it nationwide. Learn reasons why you should travel and join in on the initiative by visiting LonelyPlanet.com.


August 2007

Globalization is a National Geographic article from 1999 that highlights the impact of globalization in an increasingly integrated world. Is McDonald's changing the world or is the world changing McDonald's? Explore the interplay between cultures and globalization with this classic article.


July 2007

What the World Eats is a Time magazine feature highlighting different families' consumption habits around the world. Join 15 families at the dinner table and get a glimpse into their home lives and favorite foods. Photographs by Peter Menzel from the book "Hungry Planet".


June 2007

Perceptive Travel features engaging travel stories from some of the best travel writers around the globe. Read from deep-travel gurus about how to see beyond the surface, engage in mind-changing conversation, and build meaningful relationships as you travel the world.


May 2007

Business Week first expanded it's full-time MBA programs profiles in 2005 to include more than 320 international programs. If you're considering getting an MBA, there's no reason to stay in the US and all the reason to get a global degree in our global economy. Check out the free 2005 listing, or register to see the recently updated 2007 edition. 


April 2007

Café Abroad is a new e-magazine and network focused on study abroad. Written by students and for students, Café Abroad features first-hand stories, articles and insight about making the most of experiences abroad.


March 2007

Conversation Café is hosting Conversation Week 2007 (March 25-April 1) to enable people worldwide to meet in cafés, bookstores, conferences, meetings and trainings and share their thoughts and ideas about world issues. Learn about the power of dialogue and find a conversation taking place near you on the Conversation Week website: www.conversationweek.org 


February 2007

The World Clock Meeting Planner. Trying to plan meetings across cultures and time zones can often be a challenge. This useful tool from TimeandDate.com takes the guesswork out of scheduling meetings across cultures. Simply enter the locations of the people you want to connect with, and this tool will help you find the most suitable times for you to schedule your meeting.


January 2007

Your Point of View  What's your take on tattoos, pets, old age, and tipping? Ever wonder how your point of view may be different from people around the world? Find out by checking out HSBC's global interviews and polls and learn about interesting cultural practices around the globe in the process.


December 2006

Working abroad: Looking for international internships or entry-level jobs abroad? This guide from the Occupational Outlook Quarterly will point you in the right direction and give you in-depth information on locating, landing, and getting reading for work abroad.

November 2006

Discovery Atlas takes you on colorful and insightful journeys across the globe. The website currently covers 5 cultures and plans to cover four total in a rich 2-hour documentary format. And that's not all. At the website you can join global forums, download podcasts, test your global know-how with the Atlas Quest, send e-cards, browse their spectacular photo galleries, buy DVDs of the TV programs, join interactive discussions while the show is airing, and more. Intercultural learning has never been this much fun.


October 2006

WorkingAbroad. Want to go abroad but don't know how to do it? This site features a variety of work, study, and travel abroad programs. Learn about opportunities in anything from farm work to hotel training and volunteering in countries in Africa, Europe, and South and Central America.


September 2006

CouchSurfing This organization has an honorable mission: 'to internationally network people and places, create educational exchanges, raise collective consciousness, spread tolerance, and facilitate cultural understanding' and a uncommon way of achieving it: by creating a global network of available couches for travelers. With over 112,000 couch surfers registered worldwide, there is no shortage of people willing to open their homes to travelers for some good conversation and cultural exchange.

August 2006

Through the Eyes of the Children Life in Rwanda is depicted through the talented ideas of children aged 8-17 who are part of the Imbabazi Orphanage. The Rwanda project was designed to give children a chance to explore the beauty held in the people and their communities as the country struggles to rebuild. The work of these talented children, which has made global news, paints a rich portrait of life in Rwanda.


July 2006

Global Voices Online With over 60 million bloggers worldwide, finding blogs is no problem, but finding truly interesting ones is becoming the challenge. Enter Global Voices Online. This project locates “bridge bloggers" around the world--people who are sharing interesting information and ideas about their country or region to a global audience. Check out their 'daily roundup' for links to the top 5-10 most interesting global blog posts and tune in to the pulse of the world.


June 2006

Perceptive Travel  Not going abroad this summer? Then enter the world of armchair travel, courtesy of Perceptive Travel, who boasts a collection of travel tales by some of the best travel writers around the globe. Curl up on the coach with your laptop and tuck into stories that entertain and allow you to go deep in virtual travel.


May 2006

MoslBuddJewChristHinDao. MoslBudd-what? It may not be a roll-off-your-tongue name, but it is a good concept... a unifaith scent. Developed by the German company Elternhaus, it is currently only available in London, Berlin, and Hamburg. But you don't have to buy the scent to benefit from its idea: check out their interactive website and link different ideas together with their visual mindmaps. In English and German.


April 2006

The Prejudice Map. What happens when one curious guy wants to find out what people in other cultures are known for? He does a google search such as "americans are known for *" and compiles the results in a global map. The result: an interesting look at stereotypes held about different cultures around the world. It wasn't a scientific process, but it still provides an interesting look at how websites can both break down and reinforce stereotypes--and, as this map shows, some rather ridiculous stereotypes at times.


March 2006

Newspaper Index. Going global means getting news from around the world on a regular basis. Now, the newspaper index can help. A simple concept and a powerful resource--Newspaper index lists the best online newspapers around the world.  Available in many languages


February 2006

The Wombat is a short, irreverent look at the state of the world. From the Foundation for Global Community, a nonprofit educational organization, dedicated to reconnecting people, the planet, and prosperity. Requires Flash.


January 2006

Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia, written collaboratively by people from all around the world. It has some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about cultures all around the world, and has hundreds of thousands of articles available in 10 different languages.


December 2005

Your Point of View. This is the latest from HSBC, which ran the infamous "Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge" ad campaign. Now they are emphasizing the importance of valuing other perspectives. We couldn't agree more. This is a key component of intercultural competence. Check out this site to see how the world views everything from cloning to tattoos and then add your voice to the mix.


November 2005

Conflict Map. From the official Nobel Peace Prize site comes this interactive map that shows the major wars of the 20th century--one of the most destructive and war-ridden centuries in history. Why so much warfare? Where did it all take place? What were these conflicts about? Answers these questions and more with this map. Engage your mind and morals and you'll walk away pondering more questions: Will history repeat itself--will the 21st century be the same? How can we stop more destruction from occurring?


October 2005

Village of 1,000. Remember this Internet pass-along that describes the composition of the population if we were just 1,000 people? Well, now you can look at an updated version for 2000. Learn what languages would dominate (it's not English), where the majority of people would live, and what major problems we would still be facing as a population. A great site developed by Lloyd C. Russow of Philadelphia University.


September 2005

Intercultural Time Machine. Does "fashionably late" exist in all cultures? Visit the intercultural time machine to find out. Here, you can test your time skills in the cultures of the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, and the US. Learn some of the unwritten rules of cultures—like how late (down to the second in some cases!) you can be to a meeting or to a social gathering, and just how much time you should spend doing small talk before getting down to business. This is a free resource from the online intercultural platform ArgonautOnline.


August 2005

What's Up with Culture? This free on-line training resource helps you prepare for your adventures abroad. Whether working, studying, or even traveling for an extended period abroad, this guide will help you understand the adjustment process, learn about the culture you are headed to, and a bit about yourself and your own cultural values in the meantime.


July 2005

Bzzzpeek.com Culture shapes the way we think about the world and hear the sounds around us. This month's pop watch is about having some fun exploring 'onomatopoeia' around the world. Listen to how a fire engine sounds in South Korea, a dog in Croatia, a bee in Denmark, or a cow in Pakistan.


June 2005

Culture Primer: What is this thing called culture anyway? The latest from the About.com guides on race relations, this web section lays out culture in simple terms, talking about how it influences us and shapes our lifestyles. It includes some great links as well to articles and other resources about cultural differences.


May 2005

Words without Borders. In an increasingly interdependent world, literature in translation provides rich insight into other cultures, ways of life, and kinds of thinking. Words without Borders promotes international communication through translation of the world's best writing. Dip into other cultures through the rich world of literature.


April 2005

The Global Game. The global game features less heard news and information about the role of football/soccer worldwide. As the founders say, "Football is the world's game, not ours, so we must ask them about it and read about the game in their publications, in their languages."


March 2005

Business of Touch. Learn how to introduce yourself in 13 different nations in Europe, Asia, and North America. A great, interactive site with Flash animation from Aquent.


February 2005

Intercultural Platform A wonderful collection of international literature and art from over 160 nations. The site includes a vast collection of non-Western and indigenous poets, writers and artists. Short stories and poetry are in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, Afrikaans, and Polish.

January 2005

 National Geographic has a great website full of maps, travel information, and photography. A classic site and publication that has been broadening world perspectives for decades.


December 2004

 What's on When? provides information about local events around the world. Organized by theme (adventure, festivals and nightlife, music, etc.) or by geographic area, this site is the best way to go deep as you travel and to plan exciting vacations with local events.


November 2004

 Mondialogo, Intercultural Dialogue & Exchange is an initiative by UNESCO and DaimlerChrysler that focuses on the role of culture in life and work. Mondialogo Magazine presents interesting and easy to understand views on the importance of cultural awareness. Also available in Spanish, French, and Dutch.


October 2004

 Culturally Speaking: National Geographic Photographers for National Geogrpahic capture local cultures on film to help paint a clearer picture of cultures around the world. This interactive site shows you colorful portrayals of the following cultures: India, Greece, Mexico, and New York.


September 2004

 Colors magazine presents in-depth looks at cultures, communities, and issues that rarely are in the media spotlight and need to be told. Each edition focuses on one issue or topic, from drugs to shopping to wealth and war and provides an in-depth analysis of the topic and how it surfaces in cultures around the world. All magazines are bilingual and are available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore or supermarket or read the articles online.


August 2004

 Cultural Olympiad.